This month’s featured grey is Hallie’s Legacy

Hi Everyone, my name is Hallie and I am looking for that special place to call home.  I would do great in a home with another big dog and kids…I love kids.

 Hallie's Legacy
Nickname: Hallie
Sex: FemaleColor: Black
Date of Birth: 9/1/2017Weight: 56 LBS
Sire: Deadliest CatchDam: Zonked Out
Right Ear: 97ALeft Ear: 71109
Initial Evaluation: No Cats PleaseFoster Parents: Gene & Rosanne P
Hi, my name is Hallie and I came to GRACE from Palm Beach where I had a short racing career (4 races). I am super sweet and love everyone I meet with the exception of those things you call cats; small, furry, run. Small dogs are not so good either, too much like a live squeakie toy.

I am doing great in my foster home. I’m learning my foster mom is alpha, not me. Counter surfing is a no, no. That one is hard. Squirrels are the absolute bomb! What fun to watch for them out the windows and sliding door then run out the dog door to try and chase or bark at from the fence.

Lets see, what else? I love going for car rides and settle right down until we get to where we are going. I need a little more work on the leash. There is so much to explore I have trouble just walking nicely. I do potty on leash when needed. I don’t live with little people but have met them at Meet & Greets and think they are really cool. I do have to be careful around little, little people as I get very excited and can be too much for them. I forget to keep four feet on the floor and need to touch people, sometimes with my mouth; another no, no according to my foster mom. That can scare the real little people even though it is all in loving fun for me. I have to admit, I am exuberant. Most everything I do is to the extreme, no halfway for me.

And who is it that stated Greyhounds don’t bark? I have a very healthy voice and use it, regularly. When I do need a rest, my preferred location is in a lap or at least snuggled next to a person. They keep me so toasty warm and comfortable as I nap. And I’m handy for petting. I also like to just stand with my head between my foster mom’s legs as she is standing in the kitchen or anywhere else. I know she appreciates the attention. When anyone comes to visit, I can’t contain myself. I want to make sure they know they are welcome by barking and jumping and nibbling. Not sure why my foster mom tries to make me stop. The visitors may think they aren’t welcome and not come again and that would be the furthest from the truth.

I am really good at going up and down stairs, taught myself. I’m not used to being crated as I get free run of the house. I have to wear that muzzle when my foster parents leave, something about inappropriate chewing, I’m only 2 after all. What do you think teeth are for? I do do my best to only chew appropriately, just so you know.

I am a fair weather girl, snow and rain are NOT my friends. I’ve had my nails trimmed and it wasn’t too bad. Brushing is really nice. I don’t try to get on the furniture except for the beds. My people are in them so I think I need to be in them too. They make me get off but I sneak back up after they have gone to sleep then snuggle close.

I do like wearing a sweater on cold nights. I stay much more comfortable that way so I can sleep the night. So, grab a handful of treats, sit down and let me keep you company in your lap. We’ll have a greyt time.

I’m ready to find a home to call my own....could that be with you??? I am waiting!!!
If you would like to meet Hallie or any of our available hounds please email us, complete an application or call G.R.A.C.E. at (734)347-5061
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